Washer and Dryer Repair

Is the dryer cycle taking too long?
If your clothes are taking too long to dry, make sure the hoses are not kinked or crushed.
Is your dryer making noises, vibrating or rocking?
A noisy, vibrating, or rocking dryer may need to be leveled.
Is your clothing not drying properly?
If your clothing is still wet after a drying cycle, the problem may have started in your washer.

Washer and Dryer Repair NJ

Is your washer displaying an error code?
A hard reset can resolve most washing machine error codes.
Does your washer have a mildew odor?
Prevent mildew odors by leaving the washer door slightly open when not in use.
Is your washer not draining?
Prevent draining problems by making sure your washer hoses aren’t kinked.

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Washer and Dryer Repair NJ

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